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No matter what kind of business you own, you need to do digital marketing for it to bring-in those SWEET six Figures!

Not running ads on social media?! You’re leaving Big-bucks on the table

Want to get FLAWLESS & LASER-TARGETED leads/purchases & sales? We are more than glad to help you out! For the past 3+ years, DevDot has been working with business owners, working professionals and service providers from all across the world to help them achieve their monthly, yearly and quarterly revenue goals with our Spicy & Data-driven Social media marketing blue-prints and strategies.

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We understand that you have been running ads on your Instagram and Facebook posts and have spent hefty amounts of $$ on this process but haven’t gotten your desired results. And now you are looking for somebody to tell you and explain to you what you’ve been doing wrong. TRUST US! We know how it feels! And we want to help you out. Click the link below to schedule a free call with us and our team’s star marketers will not only guide you but will also do an audit of your ad account without charging you A DIME!

Our Services

360-degree E-commerce Business Handling

Product Hunting, sourcing, site development, marketing, SMM, inventory management and order fulfilment: YES WE’LL DO IT ALL FOR YOU! 

Lead Generation VIA facebook Ads

Get potential-laser focused leads for your business in a jaw-droppingly short time span. 


Ecommerce Store development

Stunning and visually aesthetic e-commerce stores with extremely optimized sales funnels & conversion rates. 


Website Development Services

Get cheaper clicks without defying your objectives for sales and marketing for your business.   

Social Media Marketing

Our veteran SMM players will find and target extremely focused audiences for your business to make you profitable.  

Content Marketing

Place your ads on digital media spaces on different famous websites to bring-in that extra–punch of audiences.

Video Ads Creation

Place your ads on digital media spaces on different famous websites to bring-in that extra–punch of audiences

A one-stop agency for your business

Why on GOD’S GREEN EARTH should I trust you?

First of all, nobody has used the phrase “GOD’S GREEN EARTH” since the 80s. So, stop using that & second of all our goal is simple, we want to maximise your earnings over the ad spend that you set aside for your business. We have an in-depth understanding of how the digital space operates in the largest & most promising markets of the world.  


We know that you are not a bank-robber & the money that you are spending on your ads is your HARD-EARNED money, hence, we respect your budget. Our Scope of work items are also very simple and our milestones are extremely realistic.



Provide us with your phone number and receive a call-back from one of our team’s esteemed SMM experts today completely FREE who will provide you with in-detail consultation and advice for your business. 

We ensure that your phone number will be safe with us

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Suhail Ahmed

Lead Technical Architect

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WordPress Developer

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Frontend developer


Graphic Designer

Abdul Samad

Media Buyer

M Usama

Video Editor and Graphic Designer


Content Creator


Shopify Expert

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We have experience working with large and small business are ready to develop a targeted strategy plan that’s just right for you.

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