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Meet Our Team

Talha Ch


Meet Talha, a visionary entrepreneur driving DevDot to digital success with creativity and strategic brilliance.

M. Arshad


Meet Arshad, a visionary co-founder shaping DevDot's path to excellence with dedication and innovation.

Usama Khalid

Lead Web Developer

A visionary Web Developer steering DevDot towards digital triumph with technical expertise and innovation.

Moeen Salik

Business Development Executive

A visionary and result-oriented Business Development Executive taking Devdot to the heights with his high-ticket acquisition and management strategies.

Zaid Rauf

LinkedIn expert & Personal branding strategiest

Mahnoor Arif

Social Media Manager

Samad Shamsi

Lead Media Buyer

M. Usama

Fiza Atique

Graphic Designer

Meet Fiza Atique, a creative graphic designer elevating DevDot's visual impact with design finesse.

Ujla Shakoor

TikTok Shop Manager

Khaliq Ahmad

Web Developer

A skilled web developer contributing to DevDot's digital success with technical expertise and ingenuity.

Uzair Maqbool

Video Editor & Content Creator

Maryam Sohail

Meet Mariyam, a creative graphic designer at DevDot, specializing in creating visual designs that captivate clients.